Tuesday, April 1, 2014

It's Currently April ... No Joke!

HoLa, friends!  It's the first day of April... you know what that means!  Me and my bloggy friends race to work on and post their Currentlys hosted by Farley!  I am so stinkin' excited that it's April.  This means the end is near!  Truly near!  Without further ado:

Listening: to "Happy" by Pharrell.  I love the message of this song.  I love the beat.  ......and I love that I can play it in my classroom because it is a clean song!  Yay for a popular classroom friendly song.  They beg for it!!!  We like the Go Noodle version with the minions!  Instant mood shifter! :)

Loving: My new obsession with Plated.  It's a meal service that come delivered to your front door with ALL the ingredients that you need to make a gourmet meal.  I made baked gnocchi last week and was quite proud of myself!  Now I can add that recipe card to the others that I know our family loves!  It is a little pricey so I am only planning on having a few meals delivered every month and using it as a date night at HOME with the hubs after the kidlets are asleep!  It came in an insulated box with ice packs so that everything was super fresh.  Click the pictures to go to their website if you're intrigued and watch their video on how it works!
Thinking: about all my summer plans!  I am a planner, list maker, over-analyzer, list re-writer, schedulin' chick!  I have a master plan for my summer.  It goes by so fast and while I want to have lots of lazy days... I also want to be really purposeful with that time!  Excited about my Vegas trip which will balance fun with my bloggy peeps but also professional development (Hello I Teach 1st Conference)!!!  My week at the beach is paid for and I have started buying Publix gift cards so that grocery buying for that week won't be a stress (9 of us and a babysitter... that's 30 meals a day + snacks= a whole lot of food).  The boys are excited about VBS and other local summer camps.  I am hoping to use the time they are in camps to go to the gym maybe!

Wanting: a Fit Bit ...  I just want one.  Just because.  I really want to keep up with my steps and try to be better about water intake.  I also really like that it tracks your sleep cycle.  I think that would be helpful to show to the doctor... especially since I still don't feel like I sleep well.  Do you have a Fit Bit?  Do you love it?
Needing: the next 8 days of school to FLY by!  We still haven't had spring break... it is falling extremely late this year.  There are only 33 days of school left... when we get back from break... only 25 days....  One of those is field day... another is a field trip.  Let's just call it and start summer now... who is with me?  :)

My Hours & Last Day:  teachers report at 7:15.  The first bell rings at 7:20 and the students can start walking down... but they aren't tardy until 7:50.  Students leave around 2:25 each day and teachers can head home at 3:15 (bwahahaha).  Also, our last day of school this year is May 23rd with students... teachers have one post planning day after Memorial Day... the rest are furlough days.  {sigh}

Oh... I almost forgot... I posted the other day over at Primary Chalkboard about how to use your clip art and TpT purchases into posters for the hallway and bulletin boards.  Won't you stop by and leave me some love???  You can find my post HERE!!!  Hope your week has been great so far!  I will talk to y'all soon!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Clothes and Free Bunnies... Sure!

Going to keep today's bloggy post short.  The pollen and I are not getting along and my vision is kinda blurry...  I'm writing this post while hopped up on Benadryl....  continue reading at your own risk!  :)

I got my 6th Stitch Fix box last Monday and I just realized that I never did post what I got.  I tried everything on that night and hung them up for pictures. I decided to keep everything in the box again.  My husband's spidey sense has been triggered though... and I think I am going to skip an April box!  Every day this week our convo went something like this:

Him "Is that a new shirt?  I like it... where did you...."
Me "Yeah...  kinda new... late for work... gotta go..."

I love that each box comes with style cards to give me ideas on how I could wear each piece... and a special note to me from my stylist.  I'm a sucker for that kinda stuff.  Well played, Stitch fix... well played!  :)

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet?  If you haven't... you can check them out HERE!  You can choose how often you want to receive a box.  I like that anything that needs to be returned just gets put in the postage paid bag and VOILA!

Ok... you are wondering about the title, right?  Clothes and Free Bunnies...  so I made this freebie bunny craft and listed it on TpT a few weeks ago.  I talked about it on my FB page, but just realized that I never posted it in here.  Du-uh!  My brain can't keep up, y'all!  So.... if you missed it over on the Funky Fresh FB page... here goes:  Just click either of the pictures to take you straight to TpT to download.  Be sure to follow me over there so you don't miss any new products and freebies that I post!

I hope that you've had an amazing weekend.  Hoping to post a few times this week and I will be posting over at the Primary Chalkboard soon!  Talk to y'all soon!

Also... check out a few other people's Stitch Fix "fixes" by clicking Kinder Craze's linky below!  So much FUN!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Georgia Bloggers Unite

Oh my goodness... I had the best time today in Macon with some of my Ga teacher bloggy peeps!  We met up at Georgia School Supply and they had such a great day planned for us.  I really do love Macon... and it's where I delivered M1... sweet, sweet memories!

I know I've mentioned about my introverted-ness before...  and things like this cause me quite a bit of anxiety BUT everytime I go to a blogger function... once I get there... my nerves settle pretty fast!  I rode up to Macon with Tara from And They All Fall Down and Angie from Monahan's Monkey Madness....  we gassed up, grabbed our Starbucks, and headed out for a day of teacher dorkiness happiness!

Jayne over at Smart Kids planned a fabulous day at Georgia School Supply for us complete with goody boxes!  Check out our goodies {squeal}
She had our itinerary/schedule ready... name tags printed and lots of goodies waiting at the tables for us!
We got to meet so many Georgia bloggers (and even a few non-bloggers).  We shared products, talked about TpT, talked business plans... gave advice and just lots of support.  There were raffle prizes and I won twice!!!  It was truly my lucky day.  I even bought some scratch off lottery tickets on the way home.  {I won't be resigning from my job with my winnings, but I did win 2 free tickets!}
Here are my peeps and me about to load up the car with our boxes of goodies plus the other things we bought at Georgia Supply.  I couldn't resist.  The had the cutest new stuff... 2 words... magnetic border!  How did I not know about this?  I am so stoked to head to my classroom... just sayin'.
L-R: Tara, Me, and Angie
Some of my other bloggy peeps were there... and we had fun in the photo booth area.  Where was my prop?  I got so excited I forgot to grab one!
Jayne, Kelly, Angie, Me, Tara, and Valerie 
Going to end with a group picture of all the fabulous people that came today.  I met so many new people and felt so supported.  A big thanks to Jayne for making this bloggy meet up happen... and for Diane at Georgia School Supply in Macon for being so accommodating!  I left feeling so great... and I can't wait to see what part of Georgia we meet up in next!

Hope y'all are having an amazing weekend... I'll be announcing the winner of the goody box of office supplies  on FB later tonight... be sure to stop by!  Talk to y'all soon!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

I Think I May Have Adult ADD {And I'm OK With That}

I can't say for sure... since I haven't talked to my doctor about it.... but I'm pretty sure I have adult onset ADD.  No hyperactivity here... but some definite attention issues!  Then again... most of my teaching friends who are moms and wives... plus bloggers and TpTers have said the same thing.   I guess the good news is that I am not alone... but I'm wondering what the cure is?  Maybe the cure is retirement?  Bwahahaha!

Joking aside... I am so very excited to announce that I have reached 2,000 likes on my fan FB page.  I woke up this morning and was so stinkin' excited!
I asked earlier this week about your favorite office supplies.  While I do like to know what everyone else likes, I had ulterior motives for sure!  Based on the comments... I went for a trip to Wal-Mart and stocked up on a box full of goodies to give away to celebrate my small success!  Here's what is included:  a pack of Scotch laminating pouches, large paperclips, Sharpie highlighters, 80s Glam Sharpies, Papermate Flair pens, Post it notes, a composition NB, Scentos markers, and 10 washi taped clothespins from the Tea and Coffee shop.  Eeeek!!!
Thank you to each of you who follow me on this teaching/momming/wiving/blogging/tpting journey!  What started as something I thought "maybe" I could do has really brought much MUCH more joy into my life than I could have ever imagined!  Be sure to check out the rafflecopter below for your chance to win!  I can't wait to announce the winner on Friday!!!  I hope that you will all have an amazing week... talk to y'all soon!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bright Ideas Hop.... Numbering the Kiddos

I'm so excited you're here...  hope you've had oodles of fun so far gathering useful ideas for your classroom! These hops are the very best in my opinion.  I love to sit w/ my spiral notebook & jot down  cool ideas!  My post today is pretty short with lots of pictures of how I use numbers in my classroom.... as in numbering the kiddos.
Next up is Jennifer over at Herding Kats in Kindergarten with an awesome post on inexpensive manipulatives in the classroom... and how the heck to store them!  Just click on her cute button to keep hopping!  .....and thank you so much for stopping by!  Talk to y'all soon!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

It's March {Achoo}

It's March y'all and the amount of allergy medicine I am ingesting proves it.  This weekend has been by far the worst... guess it's better to feel yucky at home than it is at work BUT still!  I'm going to keep this post relatively short... but I def wanted to blog it because the Currently from Farley is one of the things I look forward to at the beginning of the month.  That and I just got paid yesterday {and the congregations says AMEN}.  Without further ado:
Listening to my small humans discuss Mine Craft strategy with each other.  They are only 20 months apart and it has been really neat to watch them grow at the same time.  They really are the best of friends.  I really don't know much about Mine Craft other than the basics, but they LOVE it!  
Loving my Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter pencil.  It actually came in my Ipsy bag a few months back and I kinda hoarded it towards the back of the cabinet.  I found it the other day and I am in awe of it!  I am a highlighting fool on my face!  I went to their website this week to read reviews and find out how to order more and I found a whole bunch of videos showing the girl demonstrating all the different ways to use it...  visual OVERLOAD!  I've tried a few... feeling pretty much like a makeup artist...bwahahahaa! 
Thinking I need to schedule an oil change.  I think this has been on my to do list for awhile.  I hate going.  I just do.  I need to just call them and make it happen.  They even come pick it up at the school, take it to the Nissan dealership, and bring it back to me.  I just keep putting it off.  Poor Juke!  ;)  

Wanting to speed up my beach vacay.  I think I'm at 105 days until I head to paradise for a week with 2 of my girlfriends, our kiddos, and some fab babysitters!  I am excited about feeding deer, watching alligators, traveling by golf cart, and working on my tan.  
My favorite shot from last year's trip!
Needing the pollen to just GO.  It is out in full force here in south Georgia.  I know to expect it every year, but I was hoping with all the weird cold snaps that we had recently... that maybe it would buy me a few more weeks.  It didn't.  

????????:   McDonald's.  Can you guess what the question is?  Let's see who knows me!  Ha!!!  I will send a copy of my new Restaurant Math pack to everyone who gets the answer right by this Sunday night (3/2/14) at 9pm.  Good luck!!!  Wishing you all a FAB rest of the weekend.  Talk to y'all soon!  

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday... Say It Isn't So!

I'm in mourning.  Serious mourning.  Today is the last day of my winter break.  It was awesome... lots of sleeping in, coffee, family time, Pinterest, reading.  Is it sad that I'm already looking ahead to figure out how many days until spring break?  For those of you who are shooting daggers at the screen... please remember that teachers went back at the end of July so...  we needed this break!
I was so excited to finally finish a few projects this week...  I already told you about the Restaurant Math pack... but I also finished my Super Silly Skills pack.  This will be perfect for activities you may have planned for Read Across America which is coming up Monday, March 3rd (that happened fast, huh?).

I know that my firsties are going to flip for the green egg sight words.  This set has the first 100 for them to practice.  Just print, laminate and cut out.  Kids can flip them over with a spatula (think Dollar Store) or you can give each kid 10 words and have them put them in ABC order.  The possibilities are endless! {There are blank eggs for you to write your own words/spelling words/etc. on)
 I think that they will really like the graphing sheet as well!  My kiddos struggle with determining which equations are true or false so I added a short math center where they sort the equations into fishbowls.  There are also blank fish so you could customize these!
 I hope that you will have a GREAT Sunday... and that your week will go by super fast!  I've got to go finish up lesson plans before the Walking Dead tonight!  {woot!!!}
 One more quick thing...  I almost forgot!  Have you left feedback on all  your recent purchases on TpT?  I realized this morning that I had a bunch that I had forgotten about!  I try to do that once a month so when a sale finally does roll around... I can use my feedback credits to maximize my money.  Not sure how?  Here ya go!
Talk to y'all soon...